Is Qobuz Sublime download discount legit or a scam?

How anyone been able to resolved this problem? I am not the first person to get locked out of their Qobuz account immediately after subscribing to Sublime (See Audiogon discussion 172466-155165). I have searched Audiogon as well as reddit and other audiophile forums and although this issue is very common, perhaps ubiquitous, no one seems to have ever had it satisfactorily resolved. In my case I had successfully downloaded files from Qobuz for three weeks before subscribing to Sublime for the "up to 60% discount" on HiRes files. Qobuz charged my credit card and acknowledged my membership, but when I then tried to make a download purchase I received an error message "The payment was refused. Verify your bank details before proceeding with a payment again." (this from the card I had just been charged $179.99 for my Sublime subscription". My bank says they are not seeing any declined transactions: must be the 'merchant'. I tried changing my payment options but I then received an error message that read, "We couldn't access your methods of payment because of a technical problem. If the problem persists, please contact Customer Service." I had previously interacted with Ken Richards at Qobuz customer support so I sent him an e-mail but I never received a reply, even after contacting him daily for a week. I attempted to use the on-line customer support function but that appears to be crippled and only results in a continuous loop. I have tried all the standard methods to access my account, clearing the browser cache, changing browsers, changing devices, but the result is always the same. At this point I am unsure whether this denial of service is simply the result of inept technical support or if it is a deliberate scam designed to prevent users from utilizing the Sublime discount after they have paid for the service.


Maybe getting charges for the downloads through a European based payment site?

i always have problems when using CC for OCONUS purchases.

3 instances in the last 2 months where my payment was blocked and I had to get in touch with the european side to tell them, no.. it isn’t fraud.

But I had successfully paid for downloaded files from Qobuz for three weeks prior to subscribing to Sublime. Qobuz charged my credit card for the subscription and acknowledged my membership, but since then every time I try to purchase a download I received an error message "The payment was refused. I am not unique in this experience.