Is it just me or.....?

Do you agree that the "Cables" forum is more conversational and interesting than other forums on audiogon? I always click "Cables" first, then digital, then amp/preamp and sometimes the "disputes" forum. I hardly or never go into the other forums.
My interest was peaked by the title to your posting, but I NEVER go to cables. I check out analog first and then speakers.
It isn't you - it's Memorex. No wait, it's Margo Timmins. No, it's a Klipschorn.

Certainly more conversational than other forums. Lots of words about various differences of opinion. I'm not sure how interesting, though, and forget about informative.
I always check what the most current postings are and then look at either those that have had responses within the last 24 hours or specific threads that i've contributed to. Cables are rather controversial and system dependent to say the least, so it may be a little more exciting to see who's arguing or comparing notes. Sean
>'s just you Viggen. As for me, I've been through all the arguments about all issues revolving around all kinds of "wires" that for the most part I only read threads/posts on them if bored, looking to pick a fight, maybe some humor etc. etc. etc.

I like the threads on just about any kind of popular music. And I try to be helpful on the technical/equipment threads where I can, but prefer the philosophical threads such as Lev335's recent one titled "Are you content with your system?". Cheers. Craig
I check out the forums that I'm involved in first then check out the 'new today' forums to see if there's anything interesting.. Every few days an interesting forum topic pops and I jump in.