integrated amp w/ Triangle titus spks?

Any suggestions for a integrated amp to go with my Triangle titus xs speakers? I like the "tube" sound but solid state would be ok also. I'm trying to keep it below $700. I've been thinking about the Jolidas(all tube and hybrids), Musical Fidelity, Creek, Audio Analogue, Antique Sound Labs, Audio Refinement, etc...I live in wonderful Wyoming and there is no local hifi shops, so it is difficult for me to audition equipment. I listen to mostly jazz and rock. Any thoughts or opinions would be great. thanks
Hey Mattman

you might want to try the Audio Analogue. It is a very smooth and laid back sound. It was a little bit too laid back for me and I needed more watts. It is a good intergrated though. I liked it better than the Audio Refinement. You might want to check Audio waves. They will give you a 30 day trail run. If you don't like it, you are only out shipping.
Xmore, the Audio Analogue would be one of my first choices. Did you have the SE version? I was hoping to get by with the standard Puccini but I would want the pre out upgrade I might want to add a sub down the road. I bought my Triangles from Audiowaves, Alan was good to deal with. Thanks
I have the Antals and am using, with great satification, the Copland CTA-402. Granted this is well above your price point. Your $700 is going to be difficult unless you plan to buy used. More difficult if you want tube/hybrid. If you want new, you may want to check out Creek.
I bought the Triangle Titus xs from Alan too. I really like them. I can't imagine a better sub $500 speaker. I'm using them with an Arcam Alpha 10 integrated amp. I like it very much and it has great flexibility. It is out of your price range, and probably isn't what you're looking for anyway, but I really enjoy mine. I also have the Arcam Alpha 9 CD. It is truely a great moderately priced CD.

I didn't realize that Audiowaves had a 30 refund policy. Also, AudioAdvisor has a great return policy. You might want to try one of the M.F.s from them and return it if you don't like it. Also, they often have returns on their "discount" page. You might find a deal.


I think I think it was the "se" model. At the time my setup was in a large room, so it just wasn't a good match for me then.

Hey Tom,

How would you describe your current sound with the Titus? I have a similar set up but I am running Dynaudio 42 with the Arcam alpha 10 and the Arcam 7se. I did not have a chance to audition the triangles - I feel like I might have missed out on a deal.