In-ceiling speakers

AS an audiophile, I hate to compromise on music reproduction anywhere in the house. So, when building my new home, I knew I was going to have both a dedicated listening room for 2 channel music and a dedicated theater for movies. So, in the rest of the house WAF dictated that I would need to put speakers in the ceiling. After auditioning a number of in-ceiling speakers, some costing quite a bit more, I happened on a review of the Noble Fidelity L-85 in-ceiling speakers. I called the company, bought a pair with a 30 day return guarantee and a new pair of L-85's arrived on my porch the next day. We did a shoot-out by installing the speakers in the ceiling and listening. I picked the Noble Fidelity L-85's and I am really happy with them. Granted, I haven't heard every in-ceiling speaker, but to me, the Noble Fidelity L-85's sound way better than all of the other in-ceiling speakers I have heard. They have responsive, yet tight and musical bass for an in-ceiling, sound detailed, yet natural and organic. This helps them integrate into all different types of rooms, some with horrible acoustics, yet the L-85's still manage to sound amazingly good. If you are looking for in-ceiling speakers that sound really good, as unbelievable as that sounds, put them on your list of speakers to try.
I have B&W in ceilings, in walls and for outside too. You can see on my virtual systems....ok sound for background music. No comparison to dedicated systems. Great to hear you are so pleased with in ceilings - they seem to generally sound worse than a boom box in my experience (due to the position)
I have a dedicated listening room for critical listening, but I try to get good sound for background and incidental music as well. Always looking for better sound.
I have a B&W system (803D for mains, HTM2D for center, DS8S for surrounds) and use their CCM-65 in-ceiling for rear backs. I bought them new from someone on Audiogon for a good price compared to the $800/pr or so MSRP price. I am very impressed with them. As recommended by B&W, I use some fiberglass in the ceiling cavity.