IMF speakers and KEF B139 woofers

I have a pair of 25 year old IMF Monitor Mk III transmission line speakers. One of the woofers is damaged. Does anyone know how to get these repaired, or better yet, replaced ? They are KEF B139 flat oval woofers, 13"x9".
Great speakers but easy to damage the woofers. My wife won't let me get rid of my IIIa's because she says they sound like home. They are still in her system in the master bedroom. If you repair them, the cross over is right behind the woofer and I would recommend that you replace the capacitors.
Pls1 - Thanks for your suggestion about replacing the capacitors in the x-over. Do you know where I can get information on the capacitor values and recommended brands to use ? Thanks,
If you replace the capacitors be careful about replacing them with any later, fancy types. The tendency these days is to replace older vintage types with modern capacitor types that are "faster" and able to pass higher energy peaks thru to the tweeter and thus cause damage to the tweeter. Many times we know of people who have replaced their caps with polyprop types and a few weeks later ask why their "...tweets have fried..."!! You should be able to read the brand and value off of the existing one and try and source NOS or equivalent replacement. I've emailed you some info on the B139's. Regards, Richard.
Does anyone have a pair of IMF hpcm(high performance control monitor) for sale.Does anyone remember this model? Wish I kept mine back 17 years ago. Regards.
Sold a pair of IMF super compact IIs last year.

I think IMF still exists or there a company that handles some of their stuff try TDL

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