If you see a fraud - report it here - Audiogoners

It has saved many audiophiles in the past. If you see a scam blow it out into the open, report it here. If we make hi-end audio enough of a pain-in-the-arse for scammers maybe they will learn not to mess with us.

E-bay may not like it but a little community self-policing goes a long way. I realize A-gon may be in competition with E-bay, but I personally think using A-gon as a forum to point out E-bay scams will actually serve to strengthen the A-gon community.
What do you think?

Here is an interesting read on the topic...
this is very interesting, I wonder what Audiogon is doing about this? I hope we Audiogoner don't have to deal with such problem.
Becoming verified at Audiogon would go a long way toward stopping the inevitable creep of con artists. I have said before that there should be a less expensive but more encompassing verification at this site and received some near flame jobs for that statement. It won't happen due to the preceived loss of other income. This site is HUGE in stature but is microscopic in volume compared to Ebay and will remain that way since high end audio enthusiasts are a small fraction of the e-buying community at large.