IC Recs for FT Audio LW-1 Passive to Aleph 30

Hi, FT Audio recommends the Kimber Select KS-1021 IC for use with its LW-1 passive preamp. What other ICs do you recommend as a less expensive option? I've had good luck with Harmonic Tech Truth Links. Any concerns about using silver (ie. too bright?)? Thanks!
You might want to look into the Innersound ICs. I use an 8M from my passive - good performance cheap.
I am looking into the same thing.

FT Audio is probably right about going with Kimber.You want a Low Impedance IC and the ones that I have found that meet certain criteria are:
Empirical PC Holophonic -Steve Nugent has the lowest Capacitance cable on the market and I like what I have read about it,but it's out of my range.3.8 pfd\ft
Stealth CWS-They have a good rep and the CWS series I was looking at.5.5 pfd\ft
Canare LV77S-ottom reference 20 pfd\ft.approx.

I am getting an OTA Kit from 47 Labs.The cable might be a good alternative to Kimber Select and I am getting a sweet deal on it. You get approx.160ft with 3 sets of IC's connectors for $600.I am getting it with 4 sets.If it only works well for speaker wires I'll be glad.If I get more than that out of it I'll be real happy.

Post what you decide and how it works out.Good Luck