How to fix scratch on hi gloss Velodyne sub ??

Hi Audiogoners! My high gloss Velodyne sub got a 3inch x 1/4 inch scratch on its top cabinet surface. Not too deep but it removed gloss over length of scratch. Any suggestions on how to fix or best repair. I tried calling Velo and the person I spoke with did not know. Any ideas? THANKS!
If the finish is a lacquer, you can fill the scratch with new lacquer and use ultra-fine abrasives to level the new lacquer with the old.

If the finish is a catalyzed polymer (I suspect it is), it's not possible to do this. Catalyzed polymer finishes will show a repair attempt unless the finish is removed and the entire piece is refinished.

One thing you might try, if the scratch is shallow, is using a high-grade automotive on the surface where the scratch is. It won't fix the scratch, but it may make the reflectivity of the surface uniform enough to disguise the scratch from casual observation.
If the above suggestions fail - you could go to a local glass store and get a piece of black mirror cut. They have a variety of edges they can put on it for you. This would leave you with a beautiful high gloss black finish. Good luck on the above procedures. Experience has shown me it usually gets worse the more I try to do.
Look in the Yellow pages for a piano refinisher and see if they can help, I agree with jjmali everytime I try myself the repair becomes the focal point ,good luck John
Big, expensive fine furniture stores usually have a repair specialist on call to fix all the dings and scratches created by the furniture delivery personnel. These guys can usually make scratches and dings virtually disappear on a multitude of fine finishes.

So...if you cannot find a piano refinisher in your local yellow pages, you may want to see who your fine furniture retailer uses for repairs.

I have a pair of speakers that have a high gloss finish that actually had part of the laquered finish come off.
The repair was not cheap, but since it was a $9,000 pair of speakers, it was well worth the repair and you can not tell there was any damage at all. An experienced furniture repair company should make your sub look like new.
You failed to state the color. Hard shoe polish can do wonders if you can match the color.