How to contact George Bischoff/Mark Porzilli

Does anyone know the best way to contact George Bischoff, former designer of Melos Audio products? Or, who might have schematic information for Melos products; specifically, the MA222 preamp?

Thanks in advance.
Hi Frogman,

Have you tried any of the contact info shown here?

It's a different Mark, but the same George.

Best regards,
-- Al
Excellent! Thank you, Al; I will try those.

Actually, while I "have you on the line", allow me to tell you tell you why I want to contact him; you can probably answer my question: I have a Melos 222C preamp that I occasionally use for it's line-stage only. In the past I used it's phono stage as well, with tonearm wires hard wired directly to the phono input on the preamp's circuit board. At each channel's phono input there is a small polystyrene cap that I accidentally (clutz!) damaged with a hot soldering iron and I lost one channel. I had a couple of other phono stages, and never got around to fixing it. The only marking on the cap, other than a thin red band, is the number 180. My question to George would be: is this a 180pf cap? 180pf would seem about right, but want to make sure.

Regards, and thanks again.
Could very well be, but I'm not certain. Sometimes the last digit can indicate the number of zeroes which follow the first two digits, which would mean that it is 18 pf. That seems unlikely in this case, but as I say I'm not certain.

Voltage rating also needs to be considered in selection of a capacitor, of course, although if it is at the phono input that is most likely unimportant.

Hopefully George will respond with a more conclusive answer.

Best regards,
-- Al