How is the Oppo 983H as a 2ch Music Transport?


Im thinking of buying an Oppo 983H player as a transport
on 2ch via the dig out to my Theta Dac/Sonic Frontiers
jitterbug system. Also I will use the analog outputs for SACD playback.
How does this player compare to older transports like
the Cal Delta or Theta Data basic?
Or how would it compare to a Rotel 1072 as a Transport?

I'm using one as a transport with a Modwright Transporter and have been happy with the results there. I could not speculate on how it might compare with the others you mentioned if swapped out in the same application since I have not compared. I could, however, comment that build quality does not equal either the Cal or the Theta which are more solid units. SACD via analog outs is OK, but overall less than impressive when compared even to redbook or AIFF files via the MWTP. It is an excellent upsampling DVD player and in tha respect it really shines. Hope that helps.
I have both the 983H and the CAL Delta transport and they both sound the same to my CAL Alpha DAC. But the 983H has a better interface than the Delta, is well-built, and plays DVD's better than any other player that I've ever experienced (and is about equal to Oppo's Blu-Ray player for that purpose). The 983H is an excellent DVD player that plays just about anything that's round and shiny, and I continue to use mine even though I have Oppo's Blu-Ray player as well.

Just for fun, I tried mine with my Playback Designs and it was excellent. I keep it around as a backup trasnport.