How good do SACD players play normal CDS

How good is the normal CD playback on a Sony SACD unit? I'm considering aroudn $3000 for a normal cd player such as a Wadia 830 or Classe CDP-1 or Meridian 508.24 Does the cd playback on a SACD come close to this level of regular cd players?
just sold my sony sacd player last week,the standard format on the sony didn't sound much better than the average cd player.performing a/b test with my RESOLUTION AUDIO cd50, i concluded that the cd50 was far more musical and involving then the sony. I have also own the the meridian 508.24+wadia 860x both excellent players,but prefer the CD50 when it comes to perfomance.
I really think this new format well catch on. Super audio is grand. As for 24 bit and less, the 777es dose do a pretty nice job. I have only compared it to Krell 300. Good Luck. Scott
Fonsy, I'm tremendously happy that there's yet another RA CD50 owner who agrees with me! Long live RESOLUTION!!! Say hi to missus "C" for me...
I compared the Sony 777es with the Meridian 508-24 and an older inexpensive Rotel. The Meridian did a much better job than the Sony and the Rotel was as good as the Sony. It was the equivalent of the $300 Rotel.
Hi, you know the Mark Levinson now owned the Red Rose Music Company and the source they used by sony SCD-1, plus they are recording sacd right at the Red Rose Music in NYC, judge your ears. Bruce
The SACD Players do a good job on normal CD's Not tremendously better. What seperates the SACD from the regular CD's is how they reproduce SACD recorded formats. The SACD recordings do sound very accurate. The SACD units are very pricey now. You will see the price drop dramatically as more manufacturers begin to use the SACD format. I would be waiting in the wings before buying one of these units. I think that they will take off.
and don't listen to those folks who claim that the ear bleeding Resolution Audio CD50 is better. Be especially distrustful of those who claim to have owned a Meridian 508.24, Wadia 860 and a CD50. These people either don't know what good sound is, or are so neurotic that they can't make a decision and stick with it. In either case, avoid taking any of their advice, because in a few weeks, they'll be on to the next "latest and greatest." Listen for yourself and decide.
Who is to say that SACD will win out over DVD-A? Beta was ahead of VHS for a few years. I have no preference as to what wins, at this point. I just want the whole thing resolved, so I can take the next step. I have(stupidly, in retrospect) held off upgrading my CD player for the past few years to wait for the result of this format war. I'd sure hate to buy a good(and I won't buy unless it is) SACD player, and be stuck when the industry moves in a different direction.
Yes, by all means, don't listen when I recommend the CD50. My ears have lost so much blood, that I need a transfusion every night...Phill, I defer to your expertise and superior hearing. By the way, do your speakers have working woofers, and/or midranges?
To Carl, I use AvantGarde Duos, Apogee Divas, Dunlavy SC-IVs, Genesis Vs and Martin Logan reQuests. Do you have a problem with any of those speakers? Not everyone is enamored of that Resolution Audio junk. Get over it.
I'm totally over whatever you think I had. I have ten pair of Wilson Wamms, myself, in a hanging array.
Carl, I'm not joking about the speakers. I have five systems currently set up in my home. The Duos are in the sunroom and are powered by custom Fi2A3 monoblocs with a VAC CLA1 MK II preamp. Current source is a Sony SCD777ES SACD player. The Genesis Vs are in the living room powered by a Cary 805B Signature and Cary SLP 98 preamp. Source is a VPI Aries/JMW tonearm combination. The Divas are set up in a dedicated room, powered by a Krell KSA200S. EVS attenuators supply volume control. Source is a Sony SCD777ES SACD player. Dunlavy SC-IVs are in the library, powered by a CJ Premier 11 and Premier 10 linestage. Source is a Pioneer DV-09 DVD player and Well Tempered Record Player with Audio Research PH1 or PH3 phono stage. The Martin Logan reQuests are in the family room, powered by a pair of Pass Aleph Model 2s. Preamp is a CAT SL1 Signature MK III. Sources are Parasound CD separates (2000 series), a Sony S7000 DVD player, and Well Tempered Classic turntable.
That's too much stuff, isn't it? Why do you need so much? And, how could you possibly listen to it all? I'm not joking about the WAMMs either...had to sell two of my Gulfstream G5 jets, just for the downpayment...cheers.
Since you're not serious about what equipment you have, why should anyone take your advice about the CD50?
this is what i love of this site .some guy has a good question of audio and then testosterone comes flying all over the place.and the question up your flys and answer the man
okay Resolution Audio sucks and is being posted on Audiogon but dealers. Figured. Online audio dealers are like horses. You can't avoid a big ass.
Ok, no it doesn't, and you're wrong as all heck, and don't know what you're talking about, boner. I'm no dealer, I can just hear better than everybody else, apparently..and know how to put a cohesive system together. It takes patience, not angst or thickheaded-ness.
Try the Bel Canto dac1. I'm currently using it in place of the DAC section of my sacd-777 and it sounds smoother and more musical
I purchased a SONY 777 based on a brief audition in a showroom. I had high hopes that it would replace my Data Basic 2 and Sonic Frontiers separates, but found myself preferring to listen to the Sony as a digital transport into the Sonic Frontiers DAC (need those tubes, man). My wife prefers the Theta. Go figure! So now I have three digital front ends in my system (including a Sony 7000 DVD).And all in the interest of domestic harmony! Seriously, try in your own system before you buy. SACD sounds great by the way, but still not as real as my VPI/Graham/van den Hul analog rig.