Hey Texasphiles...

When's the next Austin party? I think we all had a great time last time. We should try get more people to bring equipment this time.
Hey all. Tenatively, we're going to have another gathering at Whetstone Audio in Austin on the 2nd of August, but we're going to try to do it a little differently. Because of the unexpectedly large turnout last time, component swapping turned into a nightmare, and the synergy of some of the piece-meal systems was not of the highest quality. So THIS time, bring any tweaks or cables you want to hear, but first and foremost bring MUSIC to listen to. I think that everyone had a great time, first because of the great music, but most importantly by meeting great people who shared their passion for "musical" audio. I've still got everyone who last attended's name on my e-mail list, and I'm going to send out some mailers in the coming month. If you aren't on my list, just send me an e-mail and you'll be there. Cheers!

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