Herron Phono Stage vs Cat Phono Stage

Can anyone tell me if they have compared the Herron phono preamp vs the Cat Ultimate phono stage.
Your comments would be appreciated!
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I have had the CAT Ultimate for about 9 months, I just love it...I had a few defect problems with the unit, but CAT fixed them within a week.. The sound, especially phone, forget about it, it's just beautiful. I use SonicFrontier Power3, CAT Ultimate, Linn LP12 (Linn arm, BenzMicro Ref), B&W 802N, Electrocompaniet EMC1 CD.
I have not heard the CAT phono stage so I cannot compare, but I just bought the Herron audio phono stage... Auditioned it vs. the ARC P3SE, the ARC Ref 1 (great but too much money), and the BAT P50(their top of line phono). The Herron was easily better than the P3SE and the BAT, and the BAT cost about 50% more. Herron phono is more forward sounding with images right up to the plane of the speakers. Very good unit for the price. MG.