Help repairing boat anchor!

Hi community,  I normally do not start threads these day's,  and to be clear,  I have a esoteric main system,  however,  I like playing with iconic cheap system's as well,  I'm amazed with some of the sound quality out of some gem's out of the rough, I have a pioneer ELITE vsx-49tx, this receiver is as complicated as it gets for a technician!, first off, it's likely the most iconic best sounding receiver in pioneer history,  at the same time, it's also the biggest p.o.s.!, in pioneer history!, reliable issues across the board!, the first year this was made,  it was a whopping $4,500.00 full retail price,  just the remote control new in that year was stupid money at $600.00!, I just bought a remote used off eBay for $145.00!,  the chief field engineer posted a multiple hour seminar of trouble shooting and repair on the internet year's ago,  I have an eBay buddy trying to help me with this project,  he has speculated that my fix is likely a dap board he located on eBay for me to buy used, pioneer does not make parts for this any more, here is where I'm at, If mention this pioneer unit to technician's, they run!, please help me find a qualified technician that is not some idiot regional pioneer repair shop that has said we cannot get parts from pioneer,  you pay shipping back and charge you $200.00 to tell you that, all recommendation's are appreciated,  Thankyou.