Help me pick some new or used speaker cables

Let’s say the budget is $2.5k

Speakers are (modded/upgraded) Chapman T-7s driven by a Rogue dragoN.

The T-7s have titanium tweets-which I might like to tame  or smooth ever so slightly.

I listen to Qobuz exclusively, lots of Rock(Zeppelin) & house (Satin Jackets) Female soloists (Norah Jones)

Thank you audioholics!



First you need to figure out why your system is bright maybe it's not the cables you need to replace I had that problem too

Are you using a preamp it's a solid state maybe you need to get some sweet tubes look at the top of the line audible illusions some of the sweetest sound I've heard very Lively sweet top end

OCC in Silver or Copper Wire is no longer in use in my System and is as a result of my introducing others to alternative wire type, the OCC has been removed from other systems that I have loaned the alternative wire type to as well.

OCC in comparison to PC Triple C is sounding veiled and smeared, the smearing detected is quite similar to comparing OCC to the purest OFC .

PC Triple C is now the selected wire used by myself, others I know and a selection of the Big Name Cable producers.

These Brands have certainly done deals to keep competitors from getting into their suppliers and reducing the commodity of wire available.

The price of PC Triple C / EX Wire is through the roof to a few years past, cables produced from this are now substantially priced.

My experiences through usage of PC Triple C wire, assists with my fully understanding why there has been a move by the big name brands to secure their stock, ensuring it is not freely available. In relation to the sound that can be produced only, why would one want a competitor to get in on the act.

I also have first hand experiences of D.U.C.C Wire and this is a superb option, it has all the lucidity of Triple C, but comes with a tiniest perception of their being a Tonal Frequency that can be suggested as a being hue of added colour.

I find it hard to prejudice one against the other, and am more than content using  these in conjunction in a signal path as well.

I have a pair of Chapman T-7's, mine are completely original from 1995 and have the German LPG Titanium dome tweeters which do run a little hot on Solid State, but sing on tubes.

I used to run Tara Labs RSC Master Gen 2 cables that I thought sounded great. Then on a lark I built a pair of DIY  clones of the GR Research cables, which are in turn a clone of the Kimber 12tc ? (I think).  You can get the raw cable easily on Aliexpress for pretty cheap. I think all in I spent less than a $100 on materials for a 3 meter pair with CMC copper spades.

I never advocate chinese knock-offs or clones. But like I said, this was just an experiment for my own benefit. However, I have been really pleased with the cables. The difference was subtle over the Tara Labs and they seemed to incrementally tame the sizzle of the metal domes just a hair more.

BTW, I love, love, love the Chapmans and don't think I'll ever part with them.