Have Krell changed Evo Series power supplies..??

Well, taking a look at redisgned Krell website, to my surprise I saw certain changes in the Evo 400 and Evo 600 product specification sheet...

Evo 400's transformer is now declared at 4000VA (earlier 3000VA - according to previous spec sheet, both online and paper). Link: http://www.krellonline.com/evolution400.html

Evo 600's one is also declared at 4000VA (?!) - earlier was 5000VA. Link: http://www.krellonline.com/evolution600.html

Personally, I would guess this is some kind of typo error or so... No reason to equalise the heart of power supply of two different classed monoblocs.

Does anyone have some more precise info what's going on..??