Has anyone tryied RS Cables new Illume?

I've been looking for a new sliver interconnect cable to string between my soon to arrive Audioprism Mantissa preamp and my Cary 300B Sig monos. These seemed like a good deal at $150 for 1M terminated with silver bullet plugs so I figured what the heck and ordered a set. My current silver reference is Kimber KCAG which will run between my Cary 303/200 and my preamp. So has anyone out there tried this yet. I'd be curious to hear any feedback and I'll post my own impressions later on. Thanks in advance.
i had the solid silver interconnects before rs offered the illume. i had reterminated them with the silver bullets. sound pretty good to me. i'm trying some other cables in my system this weekend, so i'll let you know how they compare after.
the rs cables i have at the moment, are very clear and detailed, with out being harsh. quite happy with them, but always looking for improvements!