Has anyone heard the Shanling CD player?

Has anyone other than a dealer heard this player? I am in the market for a new player and this one looks great, but I'm wondering about in the field reports on it's sound and reliability, though the latter may be too early to tell.
Jond, while i typically don't pay a "lot" of attention to cosmetics, I'm with you on this one. It has surely caught my eye and i think that this is a phenomenally good looking piece of gear. If it measures up in terms of sound and reliability, they'll be moving out the door faster than they can make them. Sean
The first Shanling owner in the US recently placed his CD-T100 up for sale on Audiogon. I believe he had it for less than 2 months total. Upon receipt he did a review on Audioasylum and said it didn't quite compare to his Cary CD player - then followed up with a review stating that it was sounding better after break-in and some tube rolling.

Then... It showed up for sale.

The ad stated that he decided to go with SACD & had no space for a second system.