i recently acquired a pair of sonus faber guarneri homage speakers. as heavy as the factory stands are, the speakers rocked back and forth on my carpeted floor a little more than i would have liked. plus, there's no built in adjustments provided with the stands for tilt or height. after talking with soundanchors, we came up with a neat and functional platform to put under the sf marble bases. even w/o experimenting with the spike kit provided, the speakers are much more stable than they were before. and they look really nice and don't detract anything from the original look of the speakers. these were custom made, and delivered in about 3 weeks, even w/hurricanes spinning around all over the state (fla). and they cost under $300.
i just wanted to thank soundanchors, ESPECIALLY since they were able to make these stands to virtually any set of dimensions i gave them.
I recently bought an amp stand from them. And I would echo French fries' sentiments exactly. My transaction with Sound Anchors was perfect.
I bought some custom adjustable height stands...excellent in every way (except the colour, which they would not change from black--but the stands themselves are outstanding).