Granite Audio 770r tube pre-amp with phono stage

Not many reviews on this unit out there ,so here’s my take.

The 770 tube preamp does what all Pre’s should do it neither adds nor subtracts from the musical experience.   It presents the music in a pure and uncolored way allowing the artists vison to present itself as recorded.

  The phono stage is especially magical, dead quiet backgrounds,,natural sounding soundstage, extended frequency response from the very bottom to the highest highs.   If the recording is not up to snuff this unit will let you know straightaway, that being said even iffy recordings sound good on this unit.

The line stage is equally impressive, I found CD’s that were harsh / brittle & unlistenable now were not only listenable but took on an almost analog quality. 

  Part selection (Vishay, Alps, Sprague ) & build quality should rank this unit up there with the best Pre’s at any price.  

  The 770 uses 6 - 12AX7’s (3 line/3 phono) & 6X4 tube rectification so tubes are plentiful,making this unit a tube rollers delight.

Well - a couple years later, but... I totally agree. I doubt I'll ever change out this preamp. I've had it for over 15 years, never a hiccup. The build quality is exceptional. When I spoke to the owner of Granite Audio (Don - who btw is a very nice guy) about 12 years ago, he mentioned they had never had one of these sent in for repair - other than to have burned out lightbulbs replaced. Don't know if that's still true at this point, but it wouldn't shock me (no pun intended :).  I feel lucky that I have one of the earlier models that still has the Granite Audio logo cut through the faceplate with blue lights behind. If you can find one of these on the used market - don't hesitate to grab it! I suspect they are seen so seldom because 770 owners are so happy with them.