Got Gronebergs with bullet plugs?

A Brief review of Groneberg reference IC's from

Although I am satisfied with the sound of the Groneberg IC’s with WBT termination during the time I was using them in my system, I move on to more costly cables, with supposedly better performance, a few months ago.

Since my Gronebergs and TS premiums IC’s are just sitting in my audio bin, perspiring heavily and anxiously waiting their turn to be called for service again, I decided to do some experimentation. I bought some regular Eichmann Bullet Plugs from PartsConnexion and started working on my new found curiosity.

I observed that the only challenging part in doing the transformation is how to fit the Groneberg jacket to the body of the bullet plug. Careful trimming of the jacket, and at least make them symmetrical so as not to be an eye sore, solve the problem. I use Silver solder bought from a local electronics shop, some shrink-wrap with SOP colors (Red for +, and Blue or Black for return) to complete the job.

Before I start my litanies regarding my observation through my comparison, I would like to mention that I still have a pair of the WBT terminated Gronebergs so as to compare if there really is a difference between the morph Groneberg-Eichmann (GronMann) or my ears are just hallucinating (if they are capable of that, voices of my imaginary friends in my head not withstanding) if a difference is heard.
Also, in the company of the regular Gronebergs, the IC’s that are “ready for the battle” per se, waiting very quietly without any form of sibilance are Empirical Audio Holophonics, Nordost BlueHeaven, MIT 330I medium impedance, Bogdan Silver IC’s, Kimber Hero and John Risch Design Analog IC’s a.k.a Signal Cable Analog 2. I really want to compare it to some other IC’s that is double, triple, or quadruple the price of the GronMann but I do not have money to buy them.

It’s been 37 days now (yes I am counting!) since I plug the Gronmann to my system. A week ago (again, I am counting) I figure (and who is to argue) that a comparison is now in order.
Not including the Holophonics, the GronMann blasted the competition, smoke the pretenders, whoop their behinds (as well as the front whichever you prefer), spank the rest like a red headed step-child (just kidding! please don’t sue me), rises to the top, surpasses the rest, super mega over to the max compared to others, in terms of presentation, bass, detail, stage, clarity etc. (please plug your favorite adjective describing the strong point(s) of your audio system here _______.)

The Holophonics you asked? Well, considering that I pay more for these (I have 2 pairs) per pair compared to the GronMann (solder, shrink-wrap, treatment for minor burns because the 4-wire Groneberg is a bitch to solder to the miniscule Eichmann soldering points/pads, all included) it is sad for me to say that they sound the same. Yes, they sound unbelievably the same in my system. In fact my better half is now making a journal regarding why I am still awake at 4 A.M. (week ends only of course) listening to my CD-TT-CD-TT (repeat as long as you want). and swapping cables in between. I think she’s into something (preparing invaluable evidence?). I will deal with that later.

My system is made up of Martin Logan Ascents, Odyssey Sratos Monos with 360,000 uF caps (…herrrr… Klaus told me when we were having dinner some time back that I do not need to upgrade them to the Extremes….), Jolida Modified JD-100 running Sylvania Gold Brand gold pins 5751; Michell Gyrodeck with Benz Ace M cart, Rega RB-300 arm, George Wright WPP-100C phono amp running with Mullards 12AU7’s, and RCA 6ER5’s; main pre is ARC LS-12; speaker cables are AZ Hologram MKII + Hologram jumpers; VD P2 power cords.

Next step is to figure out how I can fit the Groneberg TS premiums (much bigger jacket) to the Eichmann plugs. Also, I can hear the voice of the Silver Eichmann’s calling my wallet for an ultimatum. We’ll see about that…

Have to go now, (to my brother’s house for a shoot out between GronMann and Acoustic Zen Matrix Ref MKII …)
catch you later……..extend my regards to broadstreet, who ever he (an assumption) is…..
I just made a set of ICs with the Bullet Plugs, and I thought they sounded better than the standard gold plated brass plugs that I had previously used on my DIY cables.
They are very easily overheated when you solder them, so be careful, all you DIY'ers who are getting ready to order bullet plugs. If you hold that soldering iron on those pins, you will deform the plastic structure. Follow the instruction sheet.

This thread gets my interest 'cuz I own 2 pairs of Groneberg TS Premiums with the WBT-101 connectors.

Just want to clarify one thing: when you are listening to your CD-TT-CD-TT-..... you are listening to both/all cables on the CD, then both/all cables on the TT & then back again, right?

Sorry, I had to ask rather than simply assuming it! Thanks!

No, let me explain. Here's what I've done. My CD player has 2 outputs, my preamp has Three. My phono preamp, only one.

My comparison is not as complicated as you think since I kept one parameter (output connection of main preamp to amp)constant. I use a TS premium with WBT there, that is why I never mentioned the TS premium in comparison to the Groneberg that I terminated with the bullet plugs.

CD Player: Groneberg with WBT on one output, with Eichmann on the second. With Eichmann on the second and Kimber Hero on the first etc, etc, for the other IC's.

Phono: Same LP, same volume setting, IC's rotates from phono pre to main preamp. Main preamp to amp still constant(TS premiums)

As you might notice, I tried my comparison on the source side, because I believe that is what really matters. My personal preference of course.

hope this is clear enough.....


OK. Clear!
Actually your setup for comparison is better since you don't have to plug & unplug the DUT cables so often thanks to 2 outputs from the CDP. I suppose you just switch the line input on the pre front panel & you can instantly A-B the CDP output. The TT is a bit of a pain but not too much I suppose.
BTW, are you going to rank your cables after this extensive comparison? We know that Groneberg Quattro with Eichmann plugs has rippled to the top. What's 2nd? What's 3rd? What's 4th? etc...
I have the Kimber Hero too - their fat/bloated bass annoys me. Overall I think that the Hero is a very mediocre cable & I have now relegated it to my HT setup!

I believe that is the end of my (brief) review. I deliberately neglect the ranking of the other cables because it was never my intention in the first place. I would say that a second, or a third party should be involve for such a task to be valid.

The Kimber Hero in my system sounds okay for the price. But the Groneberg with Eichmann is way better. It's odd since a 1m Hero does not sound good in my rig as compared to a 2m pair. It must be the transmission loading effect BS(you know, integrals of 1/4 wavelength for smaller SWR)or maybe not. I am not sure why.