Got any DAC suggestions for a Mac Mini server?

I would like to optimize my Mac Mini as a music server. I have a rather complicated stereo/home-theater system at home. I play vinyl records most of the time, but sometimes I am lazy and don't want to play DJ. My MacMini does not sound bad, but I would like it to sound good enough that I don't get irritated when I listen to it. My system has two different pre-amps; a Manley Shrimp which is mainly the conduit from my turntable and an NAD T163 which manages the home theater. I would be able to hook up a DAC to either one, or I could skip the preamps entirely and hook the DAC directly into the Manley Skipjack that keeps the preamps separate. My speakers are all RBH Signatures and the mains (RBH 1266SE) are bi-amped using a Marchand crossover--Manley Neo-Classic SE/PP 300B amps up top and NAD T973 for the bottom. I don't know much about computer based audio, but I have been tempted by the Peachtree Audio Decco2 as a DAC. I do not want to spend more than $1000 on a DAC at this time. Any suggestions?
Havana, Can not say enough about this DAC excellente. Sold my more expensive DAC for this unit.
You have many possibilities. I am currently using an RME Fireface 400 which can be had for around $1,000 or so used. This will connect to the mini via firewire and give you 8 channels of analog output as well as analog in if you want. I'm using mine with Pure Vinyl software as a one box solution. Phono pre, ADC, DAC, crossover, and preamp in one.

My MC cartridge is fed directly to the high gain microphone inputs of the RME and digitized at 24/192. That goes via firewire to the mini where Pure Vinyl applies 64 bit RIAA correction and a crossover and and 64 bit volume control before feeding it to 4 internal DACs and sending the analog signals directly to my biamped speakers. Check out my system.

Sounds wonderful, sold my phono pre and preamp and no need for a crossover. You will spend a bit over the $1,000 for the RME and Pure Vinyl but you will be ahead when you sell the rest. You can also get cheaper (and more expensive) boxes that do what the RME does.

Pure Vinyl also interfaces with iTines. It allows you to use the datbase functions of iTunes to control file selection but bypasses iTune's audio engine and uses it own.

I'd second the Havana. I had one for about six months and was impressed with it (paired with a USB converter though). Switched to a tube audio designs tadac (previous version), threw in a set of mullard 12au7s (the Chinese stock tubes are horrible), paired it with my empirical audio USB converter and couldn't be happier. Only betters the Havana because it has a built in preamp so I run it straight to my rogue amp. I've owned a lot of USB dacs and this setup beats them all in my setup.