Gale 401a Speakers (partial working) for FREE collection in Richmond/Surrey TW9 - UK


I have a pair of Gale 401a speakers
They have been in my possession for over 20 yrs they were given to me.
I recently took them to an electronics person to see if they worked properly as i was thinking of trying to sell them.
He tested them but found that only the bass speakers worked.
They have been stored well & are in fairly good nick.
I dont want these to end up on the scrap heap.
I would like someone to have them for free (who might want the parts)

I live in Richmond Surrey, TW9. UK
So if u are interested please post a reply to this thread on this website.
I dont want my personal details on the web
You can email me -
I dont use this website (until tday) or use that email account for day to day use.
Im not an audio head or want to make a listing on this site as it cost money & time etc
So please share this post to anyone who may be interested…



Great speaker and should be restored, reminded me of much later Thiel 3.6 in their sound, not quite as low in the low bass but just as fast and punchy, but they need an amp with good current as they were hard to drive.

Bass units rare (CTS) (Chicago Telephone Supply) would probably need the foam roll surrounds done, get the right size and don’t go for rubber.

The midrange units (Peerless K040) were part of the magic and are as rare as hens teeth, hope yours can be repaired.

Tweeter (Celestion HF2000) not so bad to get or repair.

Once working these can be modd’ed to really sing, if the mid and treble wire wound pot controls are cleaned up (they go green with tarnish) then set to your sound balance liking, then measured (series and shunt) of both pots and replaced with fixed power resistors to mimic the pots, and pots taken out of circuit.

Here in Australia a working pair can still fetch $2k and the 401C (chrome) up to $3K and these prices go up every year.

Cheers George