Fuse upgrade worth it in subwoofers?

Any experience with upgrading fuses in subwoofers? I'm about to swap out the SR Blacks in my ATC SCM19A active speakers with the Audio Magic Ultimate Beeswax SHD, which I've liked a lot in the two locations I've tried them in, a PS Audio Directstream dac and their P10 power regenerator. I also have a pair of JL Audio e-110 subs with their original fuses that I'm about to set up and was wondering whether the SQ gains changing those would be more than marginal (crossover at ~55 Hz). Anyone changed fuses in their subs?
I have actually done fuse swapping in an XPR-1 amplifier that I use to power two 12” passive subs.  Fuses will definitely affect/improve/change your bass.  You can tune your bass tones to be more warmer/thicker (I.e. Isoclean fuse), or more deeper/tighter with more clarity (Furutech or maybe something like BLACK).  In any case, I think upgrading the fuse will make the bass tones more solid and strong because stock fuses will tend to have electrical resonance (even big 10A amplifier fuses).  The electrical resonance will cause distortions in the charge/discharge and cause minute fluctuations in the bass waveforms, thereby making them less smooth and forceful.