Focus Audio Master two's or three's

Does anyone own them or heard them. There is a review in stereo times this mnth and they look like Rockport copies, but a lot cheaper.

R they competetive in their price range?
I have heard both. Master 2 was awesome and the reviewer is spot-on. Electronics were all solid state, but sound was still musical and engaging. BIG sound! I've heard much more expensive speakers (>$40K) that I thought were better and less expensive speakers (<$20K) I thought weren't as good. So it is probably priced right.

Heard the Master 3, but the room was too small for the speakers so it was hard to really tell how they sounded (bass overloaded the room). Had potential but hard to tell in the room they were in.
The 3's are the same as the 2's except for the 9 inch bass drivers v the 11 inch drivers.

I also heard the 3's but in a small dealers room, so impossible to tell what they were doing. Trying to orgainise with the dealer to bring them home, but they are very large so want to make sure in my mind they are worth the time and effort