Focal utopia Be Nova vs Magico q3

Hi,  like to know everyone's impressions of these speaker's,  I understand the Focal model mentioned here is older,  however,  musicality,  engaging,  slam, transparency, and realism is what I like to know what's best between these two fine speaker's. 
I've owned the Q3s since they were first issued, mine replaced the pair of V3s I owned before. I cannot comment on the Focal speakers I'm afraid but here are some thoughts about how to get the best from the Magicos.

firstly they deserve the best amplification and lots of it. My dealer claimed to get good results from 60W amps but when I tried it did not work. I use VTL MB450 III and the speakers delight in the power and control. Often matched with big solid state amps but in my experience this can sound edgy. On this point I have no issues with the tweeters, I use slight toe in with the speakers very wide apart and listen in the near field. My room is also well treated, as I have gotten reflections under control I've been able to dial back other high frequency damping so it may be that the Q3 tweeter can excite an under controlled room. The lack of any port makes them easy to locate. Mine are 18" from the rear wall and they work very well even in a shallow room like mine.

in conclusion I can highly recommend the Q3s but only in the context of top quality amps and sources, I suspect these speakers would be unforgiving of anything less and would be ruthless in exposing downstream weakness, no soft and cuddly here!
I love the beryllium tweeters. But with that said, I’ll probably downsize and go with a 5.1 setup with all identical cheap active monitors soon.
Hi folkfreak, that was a comprehensive good post, we'll written,  btw, I'm sitting in front of some q3 speaker's at this very same moment at my friend's house,  John enjoyed what you said about his speaker's,  we looked at the vtl mb450 mono block's on the stereophile review website,  very interesting,  John needs better amplification than the Rega osiris integrated amp he has to me. 
Hi folkfreak,  have you seen the new magico ultimate 3 $650,000.000 horn speaker's on YouTube yet? 
Hi jafant,  no,  I'm keeping the jbl L-7 speaker's,  they are quite special compared to most speaker's I've listened to,  however,  I believe I have found the speaker's for me,  I still may have to build some of it,  or I likely will have them built,  they are the seigfield Linkwitz LX521 speaker's! , jafant,  I'm in love with these speaker's! , check out Charles port's YouTube videos of them,  their is about 5 or 6 video's, I believe that you will be stunned,  amazed, etc...
you can check out Focal speakers there in mobile @ Look and Listen.
I like the 928 or JM Labs 937 the best.  The newer models are okay,
that BE tweeter can be quite bright w/ some gear.  Keep me posted
& Happy Listening!
Thanks for the response, I must admit I don't bother with YouTube for looking at audio stuff, seems to be a bit of a waste of time, and detracts from the time I could be listening to my own system :-)