First Sound Presence and Rogue 99

I would like to know if anyone had the chance of comparing the First Sound Presence Deluxe MKII vs the Rogue 99 preamp. What are the differences in the sound and who was the clear contrast winner. What does the Rogue sound like in general. I have not heard much from reviews comparing it with other preamps, although I have heard much comparison between First Sounds with LAMMs and even the Joule Electras. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Two good choices but totally on opposite ends of the spectrum sonicly. The First Sound is like a solid state pre minus the hash and ss nasties. Rouge is like Conrad Johnson- full of bloom and lush. Both are great and both are great build quality. And both are good in certain systems while maybe not so good in others like everything else. Both can be very musical and both can add just the right amount of detail/tone in the right system. The Rogue being more forgiving, the First Sound being more accurate. The music you listen to will give you a preference- bad recordings being better through the Rogue. Good recordings not allways being better through the First Sound. If you can not hear these in your system, I would go for the Rogue but I sure would want to here the First Sound in the system too.
I have no experience with the Rogue, but I own a First Sound and will tell you that it is an extraordinary preamp. I can't comment on Manhandave's comparison to the Rogue and do not dispute it, but the First Sound definitely has the body and liquidity you would expect of a tubed unit. To me, it does not sound remotely like solid state, and, compared to a solid state reference like the remarkable Placette active,...well, let's just say the two pre-amps have different perspectives on accuracy. The First Sound does sound a hell of a lot like music. Makes you hang on every note. NOS tubes and PC tweaks pay off. -Dan
I agree with Drubin and have heard a First Sound Deluxe 2.0 MKII (the newest version). I have tried to listen three preamps including CJ-16LS, Emotive Audio Erato and First Sound MKII, which hooked up to my Berning amp. I would choose the First Sound, which sounded very accurate, smooth musical and dynamic than the others. I have not heard the Rogue 99 yet so I could not compare the two. Besides First Sound preamp is built like a tank with external power supply.