feelings on Klipsch subs for audio systm

I'm considering adding a Klipsch 10" sub to my audio only system to get a bit more bottm end. I'm currenty using AE Aegis one speakers and they just don't quit do it. I like the Klipsch because of its size and price. Should I go with thte Klipsch or is there another budget option? Thanks.
I had a klipsch years ago, but it got old. Just was not that fast and could never get it to blend well. Do not remember what model, but I think it was around $700.00 Ended up moving to a Mirage bp 150 (2 x 8" with 150 watt amp) for $750.00 which blew it away and also ran much, much cooler. Of course when I upgraded to Martin Logan then the mirage wouldn't even keep up with the panels so I sold it. Less base but way better sound. If you like the sound of your Aegis you may want to just try and get a full range model that they make. I think without laying out a lot of cash it is hard to find a sub that will handle music. If you purchased your speakers from a dealer maybe they will take them back on a trade? What ever you do I believe there are many more subs out there in the same price range that will better the Klipsch I only have experience with these two but I am sure some more post will help.
I have the Klipsch KSW12, with the 12" driver. I use it with Klipsch RB5's. It actually blends quite well, and I can get some pretty puchy, deep, scary bass. I tried the LF10 with the RB5's at a dealer, and I thought it was amazing, but out of my price range. Probably the best thing is to find a dealer where you can buy try and return if you don't like them. I have actually thought of buying 2 of the Klipsch ksw10's for stereo. I got my ksw12 for about $300. You should be able to get the ksw10 for less than that. You might not be able to beat it for the price. Ideally, I would like to try an M&K sub, or the Sunfire Jr. Check out the reviews on Audioreview.com. re: the Klipsch. Good luck.