Experience with Modwright products?

Currently, I'm running in a Modwright LS99 preamp and KWA 99 monoblocks.  I have a dealer friend who wants them broken in or me to buy them or both. :)

Other than hearing Modwright products and briefly chatting with Dan at shows (he seems like a wonderful human and humble), I don't have any experience with their products. 

I thought my next move was going to Luxman, Allnic, Audio Research, or even a Japanese tube integrated.  Wow, am I impressed with this package out of the box. The linear Mosfet design with Class A up to whatever it is (say 25 watts) is really appealing to me. I run large horn loudspeakers. Just loving what I hear so far.

I have to imagine the products are built as well as they feel and service and relaibitily are stellar. Resale looks strong too. 

What experiences do our fellow 'Goners have with Modwright?  

Thank you all for your opinions and insight. 



A disaster. Guy is a charlatan.

Read my explanation of a simple transaction with him. He’s an abusive liar.

Case Link.


From your link:

:Please send it back and I will listen to the unit. If I find that the unit is as we sent it out, and it is
simply a matter of you not liking the sound, no problem. I will then gladly replace it with a stock
So let’s proceed with that. I don't want you to be unhappy with your purchase. I am surprised at
your listening impressions, but I also acknowledge that we all prefer different things.”


 He offered to replace it. Whats wrong with that ?

Have both the KWI 200 and the 9.0 Phono, which has had two upgrades.  Both are great pieces of gear.  The KWI 200 is tubey without the faff of tubes.  I know, I've owned Cary amps before. The Modwright is as good sound wise and rock solid. I highly recommend Dan's products.

I owned a Logitech Transporter DAC and after many years replaced it with an OPPO Sonica DAC---both were purchased from and modded by Dan.  There wasn't a single problem with either of them and they were (and are) a joy to listen to.  Dan was extremely responsive in answering all my questions and delivered well-built and great sounding products.  

Dan’s a solid manufacturer and a helpful resource after purchase.  Very happy with my 5+ years of using his ModWright PH-150 Reference Phono preamplifier.  Great sound and zero issues of any kind.