Excellent Ebay fraud article.

As there has been much discussion of late of scams and fraud on Ebay, I direct you all to an excellent article in the Business section of today's (5/11/03), Washington Post. It should be available online at www.washingtonpost.com.
Jond, thanks, this article is indeed excellent . Thanks for pointing it out. The exact address is here:
Thanks for the link Jond.

I was recently e-jacked for a bootleg Pink Floyd Pulse DVD on ebay. I asked if the item was authentic prior to bidding. The seller assured me it was officially licensed goods. Like a sucker I believed him...actually it was a she. I did a Square Trade mediation to no avail. So I now have to take further steps. I'll go to small claims court if necessary.

People that lie to get money from people makes me sick. I kinda expected an experience like this on Ebay. But the dollar amount was low so I gave it a shot. I much prefer to limit my audio and ht purchases to here on the 'gon where there seems to be more mutual respect for each other.