EVS Music Purifiers - Amazed by how much improvement they make! Anyone else try them?

A few years ago I had Ric Schultz at EVS modify a VTV Class D amplifier for me.  As part of that mod I bought a pair of what he calls ‘Music Purifiers’.  Small black cylinders with + and -  wires to attach to binding posts of your speakers.  I put them on my Gallo Strada 2 speakers, but with the new amp and other streaming equipment I was adding at the time, I never did careful A/B listening tests to see if they improved my systems sound quality or not.

Fast forward to 2023, when I hooked my old VPI Scoutmaster back into my system for the first time in years.  I quickly fell in love again with the sound of well recorded records and set out to upgrade my analog gear.  Early this year I bought a Sutherland Little Loco phono stage, a Lyra MC cartridge and a Schiit Kara preamp to handle volume control.   The path I traveled to arrive at my current analog system involved many rounds of A/B testing to find what gear sounded best.  The new set of components is now more musically satisfying than my DAC or streamer and I’m spending more time each week listening to new records and old favorites.

One afternoon while fooling around with my speakers (with EVS Music Purifiers attached and Audience Au 24 SE speaker wires), I decided to
A/B test to see if the Purifiers improved the sound as EVS claimed.

So I played one of the tracks I’d been using frequently for my earlier A/B tests, to see if having the Purifiers attached improved the sound.   After I disconnected their positive leads from the speaker terminals, I played the title track from Joni Mitchell’s Court and Spark.  I could tell immediately that something special in the sound was missing.  I quickly reconnected the Purifiers positive lead on both speakers and cued the track again.   Playing the track with the Purifiers reattached restored all of the SQ characteristics I’d come to love in Joni Mitchell’s iconic song.

The 3-D feel of the sound stage space, greater detail and so much more involvement in the music were all back.  I was blown away to find how important these inexpensive Purifiers were to hearing all the sound quality my new components were capable of producing!   Additional A/B tests with other tracks I love and know inside out confirmed the first test.  My experience so far makes me suspect that the better a given systems sound quality, the easier it is to hear the improvement these Music Purifiers make.  Using the Music Purifiers gives me so much added musical enjoyment there is no going back.  Listening without them is not an option.

The results of my listening tests with the Purifiers has been so surprising to me I’d like to hear from others on Audiogon who have tried them.  I’m curious to learn if you have found them as important to enhancing your systems sound as I have in mine.  If you do like what they do in your system, I’d love to hear what aspects of musical quality they improve and how much.

Thanks for any feedback!  If there is interest, I can post some further details about the tracks I used, and what things I noticed as improvements in each test.

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I use the Walker High Definition Links and would not want to be without them. They seem to remove an edge that you’d otherwise maybe not notice. Is it RF noise? I don’t know. Mine are across the speaker terminals- I have a long length of wire (~24 ft), so maybe the long length is more susceptible to noise- maybe it’s system dependent. A smidge of liquidity is lost when I remove them.


tvad.......yes, two pair.

James......never tried the discontinued $724 Walker things, but many of my customers report way more difference than what you describe (which is what I hear, as well).....way lower noise.....ambience, hall sounds, decay trails, separation of instruments, more harmonic rightness, more inner detailing, air.....etc. However, some only hear a little improvement......at any rate, they love them.

These are not like a zobel that would be in a speaker. Those are operating at lower frequencies and are generally used to made the xover see a more pure resistive load. The Music Purifiers do not effect the speakers impedance and are operating way above the audio bandwidth.

Was just talking to an audio buddy and he said his daughter told him that only "old" people use the dot dot dot thing that I love.  Yes, I am an old dude.....and.......and......and.......he he.

Yes ricks are very similar to synergistic research .

i have been making them for over 5 years I rarely advertise they use a resistor as the load to the amp and a capacitor to filter all upstream noise from components combined , the difference is in the quality ,to be perfectly honest both use average parts quality at best. Anyone that knows audio knows aftermarket parts are much bigger and cost $$. I use the latest VH Audio Odam capacitors which replaced the Duelund capacitors for transparency and detail, and Worlds best Path audio resistors ,quality Copper connectors , these are so expensive to make a company would charge 4x the cost or over $1k .I am semi retired and make them out of passion ,for they make Every Loudspeakers that much better, I had a Audio store overseas for a decade until 2010 . I have a good following especially in Asia and parts of Europe . With these latest Flagship models I may advertise. I only build custom models per Loudspeakers brand,model. ,it’s impossible for a one size fits all since speakers can vary from 2 ohms to over 12ohm .