Emmylou Harris, "Red Dirt Girl"

Category: Music

When I first heard this CD,(released in 2000), on my "big rig" it sounded very good but I liked rather than loved it. Recently, I was restricted to headphones (Sennheiser 600s into SF Line 2 preamp), and when I listened to this CD it suddenly seemed much more dynamic and detailed. IMO this is a great CD, and after picking up the detail from the headphones, it now sounds much better in with my Vand. 3As, but still somewhat more congested compared to the Senn. 600s-- I think it's a room/acoustics thing along with the distinctly "processed" sound of this CD. Any comments on this one? Cheers. Craig.
If you ever get a chance to see her live, do so. Emmylou puts on a great show, especially in a small venue.
Has anyone heard her on Live at the Ryman CD or LP. I wanted to maybe grab this one, as I heard a great version of "Get up John" on the radio today.
Saw her at a now defunct club in NYC when "Wrecking Ball" was released. She and her band gave a terrific performance.

I do remember her dressed in an all white pants suit and thinking this womwn (who is my age) is freeking beautiful!
Live @ ryman is a great one and Get up John is only one of teh good tracks. I've got the CD.
dont have this cd yet, but plan to get. i like any emmy lou harris. if she ever comes out to salt lake city again i would like to see her live. spyboy is GREAT