ELF Acoustics speaker cables, anyone????

Could these possibly be the real deal? I am currently comparing the Luminous Audio Synchestra Signature to my LA Renaissance cables. The Sigs are better in a lot of ways, and they are a continous cast copper design, much like the Mingus. Anyone have any personal experience with these cables in something other than an entry level system? I could possibly save about 800.00 if they are "all that".

I have a 6 foot pair of Silver Reference with gold spades.I paid $85 brand new. Four cables in all. Great cables. A no brainer. I have a high resolution system including Meridian and Martin Logan.
I have two pair of ELF Acoustics Silver Signature speaker cables that I paid $300 per pair that easily bettered my much more exspensive Virtual Dynamics cables.ELF Acoustics cables are built to a very high standard and are very reasonably priced.I have a pair of discontinued ELF Acoustics "Tempo" cables for my second system which are OCC also and they sound beautiful.From the discription the Mingus and Tempo sound very simular.The Tempo's have a nice smooth midrange with a brilliant treble and some of the tighest deepest bass I have heard from a cable of it's size.I have two high end system and never do the cables seem out of place.Both pair of cables I have had bettered much more exspensive competition,so can I highly recommend an audition.

Good luck,

Good luck,Alpha10