Egglestonworks Isabel and Fonaine

Has anyone listened to either the Isabel or Fontaine speaker by Eggleston works? The Fontaine seems a bit pricey and I'm wondering whether it is worth the diffence in money vs. the Isabel. Also, do listeners believe that both speakers would require a sub-woofer? Thanks.
I have not heard the Fontaines, but use the Isabels as rear channel speakers (Andras in front). I listened to the Isabels as front channel speakers for about 2-3 hours, driven by my front channel amps, Classe CAM-350 monoblocks (350 watts/channel), and threw some big orchestral stuff at them. They sounded beautiful--surprisingly large soundfront, quite full, very detailed. Compared to the Andras, they don't project deep bass, but, put within a foot of the rear wall, as recommended, they don't sound bass-shy either. In a reasonable-sized room, 20-22' X 11-13', I would try them first without the subwoofer. But they're like all Eggleston speakers: they love power. Don't even bother trying them with less than 100-150 very good watts a side.
Dear RodK:

The one thing I love most about the Eggleston line is that the speakers sound almost identical from one model to the next. For the most part, they get fuller as you go up the line. That having been said, if you can swing the Fontaines, do it. While the Isabel sounds just like the rest of the family, the Fontaine really feels full range. This adds some image palpability as well. I have to disagree with MGottlieb about one thing though. I've heard the Andra's and the Fontaine's with a multitude of 50 - 100wpc tube amps and have never felt they were underachieving. This whole line is really wonderful, I think you'd be very pleased with either one.