does anyone use vibration products with emmlabs?


does any emmlabs cdsd transport owners use anti-vibration products under the transports?


I do

I use Aurios Pro under my DAC6e and CDSD as well as under my ARC Ref3 and Lamm ML 2.1's.

Makes a huge sonic difference.
I use Aurios classics under my Aesthetix Calypso and Rhea chassis with excellent results. These gizmos really pay for themselves. Under my Linn CDP it sounded atrocious, I'm still not sure what happened there. Happy listening!
I use Silent Running Audio platforms exclusively throughout my system, including under my CDSD. I've tried a lot of isolation devices, including the Aurios PROs, and the SRA platforms have provided a level of isolation I only could've dreamed of. In my experience (and YMMV) they are the best of the best. My system has reached a level absolutely unobtainable without the help of SRA. The icing on the cake is that Kevin Tellekamp, the owner of SRA, is the nicest and most helpful person I've ever met in all of audio. You couldn't dream of a better person to deal with.