Does any one have any experience with the fisher doc now days

I have a Fisher KX-200 that is working but needs new tubes and could use a look through. does any one know if the fisher doc is still reputable and if not is there any one who could give it a much needed look through and re cap. 
I had two vintage Scott integrated tube amps (233 and LK72) restored by an expert tech in CT. Excellent work! I can recommend him for any tube electronics servicing! PM me for contact info.
Whats you location?

I'm in Chicago and just had Deltronics just go through my (re-cap and service as needed) KX-200 and FM-200, have used this company since 2004 or earlier.

Note they do charge a $75 inspection fee and if you decide to have them do the work that is applied towards your bill...

Address: 2911 N Halsted St # 1, Chicago, IL 60657Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Mon

Phone: (773) 549-6635

Hope link is allowed
BTW used Fisher Doc years ago , he was always very slow to say the least as I remember he had some family issues that kept him busy