do monitors require a subwoofer?

I always found small speakers less than satisfactory, sounding thin and lacking bass. But in a post-divorce apartment, meaning a smaller room, the bass, or at least the room-reinforced parts, is too much, so I must consider smaller speakers, perhaps monitors. I can't really imagine being satisfied with inadequate bass, never really understood the attraction of using only small stand-mounted monitors. Many instruments just do not sound "right". No opportunity in Houston for in-home demos, have to buy to try. Never heard an eq that didn't veil the sound. So what do you do? Get monitors and a sub with lots of adjustability? Get small floorstanders and count on that reinforcement? thanks in advance for advice.
I'm moving from Vandersteen Quatros with built-in subs (great speakers, BTW) to small monitors (probably Harbeth P3Esr) for aesthetic and flexibility purposes. As I test these little speakers out I am less inclined to get a sub, at least right away. I think I'll enjoy them as-is for a while, and reassess later the issue of the sub.

So, you might just get a good pair of monitors, and just listen for a while. Setup/positioning will change how they sound, so experiment a bit.

If you need a sub later, go for it, but you may find you don't miss it after a while.

Of course, I am generally listening to jazz and vocals and not at earsplitting levels. If you are cranking up some rock, well, you'll probably want a sub.

I can't recommend one since I have not looked hard at them yet (and may not).

Good luck with it.
thanks, all. It looks like I'll just have to buy used and keep at it until I find something that sounds about right.
The problem with subs is that they are tough to integrate into the overall sound of a system. It may be too loud or sound different or what have you. I've tried running a sub and played around with placement to where I thought it sounded good. Then one day I decided to hear how the system sounded without it - much better!

I have a pair of Quad 12L2 speakers. While I can criticize them in one or two aspects, they put out a surprising amount of bass, and it's nice and tight too. And they aren't exactly a large monitor, just a standard 6.5" woofer 2 way design, in a probably average or below average sized box. They probably go down to 45-50Hz, yet it feels lower. I don't feel I'm missing out on too much low end info.