Do I keep the Oracle Delphi IV/V?

I have an Oracle Delphi Mk IV/V upgraded from Delphi II with custom power supply built by Conrad Johnson engineer, with Morch UP-4 arm. Delphi needs new belt, possibly new suspension and complete tune-up. I also find the Morch UP-4 problematic, in turns of cartridge set-up, and want to replace it.
Question, will turntables such as the Rega RP10 or Orign Live Illustrious with Encounter Mk111c arm have comparable sound to the Oracle, UP-4 combo?

Thank you!
No Rega or Origin Live ever dreamed it had as good platter, subplatter, quality of machining, or precision of moving parts as an Oracle.

I have nothing to do with Oracle, don't own one, but I've had direct experience with the tables you mention.

Get a better arm.
I agree completely with Omsed. I recently had my mkV upgraded to a mkVI, and it is unbelievable how much better the mkVI is over the mkV. I would upgrade to a mkVI, and now or later, upgrade the arm. I've used Graham arms with great success and there are a couple on Audiogon right now.

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I'm using a Graham 2.2 arm on a modified Oracle Delphi II and it is super. The newer Graham arms, however, may be too heavy for a suspended table.
Keep that table ,if you replaced it you would kick yourself,. Save up for a great isolation platform like the Vibraplane
Hi Oldears,

I'm currently using a Phantom on my Oracle without any problem.

Yes,oracle tt are excellent. Keep your eye open for a sumiko mdc 800,you'll be surprised how good that combo will be.
I own an Oracle Delphi Mark V Anniversary (Gold) Edition T~T. It has the Black African Granite Base added.. I use a Graham 1.5 tone arm & a Benz Micro Ely's cartridge. Now! that's a pretty good cats meow... Oracle is as good as there is.. Never think twice about going else where...

Happy Spinning
The Chops...
I thank all of you for your positive responses. Had Oracle tuned up at Audio Alternative in Atlanta.

Tried VPI Prime TT with 3D Printed Tonearm. Must say, IMHO VPI Prime/3D Tonearm combo sounds much better than Oracle/Morch. With that said, cartridges were completely different, Soundsmith Zephyr on VPI and Grado Sonata on Oracle. Zephyr was designed for VPI arm.
The Oracle throws the widest Soundstage on this
planet. I would not own another turntable.