Dipoles distance from front wall rectangle room??

Curious how far from front wall is recommended for open baffles (dipoles)? (Mine are PAP Trio15 Horn1.)

I believe Cardas method suggests .618 x ceiling height.

What do you say? 


The specific ideal location of any speaker can only be determined by trial and error.  With dipoles, one wants some distance to the wall behind the speaker.   If you can get five feet or more, the sound of the reflections of the back wave will be separated from the direct sound from the front wave so that it acts to create a sense of large space rather than affecting the localization of images (i.e., the sound does not blend with, and affect the image created by, the direct sound).  But, I’ve heard the Trio in a smallish room where the were probably a touch less than three feet from the a and the sound was terrific.