Digital output from Oppo 103 CDP?

I need some help here.  I have an Oppo 103 and an Ayre QB-9, the first version of it with only a USB input.  The QB-9 DAC is excellent for streaming Tidal Hifi from my iMac to my system, but it only accepts a USB input.  I am unclear on what digital output I have from the Oppo CDP to a DAC, but it clearly isn't a USB output.  I am thinking about an upgrade to the Ayre Codex.   Can I output a digital stream from the Oppo into the Ayre Codex and if so, what is the preferred connectivity?  Thanks for any input you can offer. 
I have the OPPO BDT-101CI and it works fine via toslink optical to the Ayre Codex. Great DAC by the way. Note, SACD is only supported via HDMI or analog out.
Toslink it is then, and the Codex will receive that signal.  Excellent, thank for the input.