DH Labs Prelude Speaker cable

Good day.  I am looking for new speaker cable and a good friend ( over in the UK ) suggested I take a look at the DH Lab Prelude speaker cable.

He noted its good tonality and timbre while being fairly priced.

I have not been able to locate a site in which to hear it but wonder if any of the fellow goners  have sampled it?



DHLabs is my go to budget cable / interconnect. They are outstanding. Very neutral and work well in all applications I have ever used them. I have a couple sets of interconnects, Ethernet, power cords, and USB. They have never been anything but a great improvement over the original equipment and are only bested by much more expensive cables. I highly recommend them. 


Sorry I meant you aren't going to get fancy outers or boxes etc.  No frou frou.

I replaced Cardas Iridiums on my phono with DH Labs Pro Studios with no loss in quality.  

I think the sweet spot in their product line is their silver coated copper.


Got it, thanks for the clarification.

I have ordered some samples from the Cable Company.  Also will compare to Tara Caprice II and RSX Benchmark cables.

Should be interesting.  Definitely not looking for brightness; so I suspect the copper based cables to sound better.  Will keep you posted.