Denafrips Hades or Audio GD HE-1MK 2 Preamp

I am looking to get my first preamp and have narrowed it down to these 2, I will be running my Decware Zen Torii MkV amp into this I will also have my Simaudio moon 360D CD player going into the preamp, these will be going out to a pair of Acoustic Research AR308HO stand mount speakers 93dB sensitivity.

Has anyone used either of these preamps with a low power tube amp. These will be in a 16’ X 20’ room with 10’ cathedral ceiling, fully carpeted with wall treatments on the 2 long walls.The speakers are 3ft.from back wall and 5ft.from each side wall and 6ft.apart the listening position is approx..8ft. away from the front of each speaker.

Thanks for any and all answers.


Wow! it looks like either no one has any experience with these 2 preamps, or no one likes them.

Even though they are made in China they both seem to have good reviews, I'm just looking to see if any fellow Agoners have any experience with these preamps.