DCC2 with Hard Drive, Subwoofer?

Interested to hear reviews from anyone using the Emm Labs DCC2 in conjunction with a hard drive and also want to know if you can integrate a subwoofer when using the DCC2.
What pieces are included in your Hard Drive/ DCC2 system, how do you like it, what else have you heard and how would you compare your hard drive/DCC2 system to others you've heard. If you also are using a subwoofer with your hard drive/DCC2 system, how did you integrate it, was there any difficulty, etc. That kind of stuff.
I'm using both the EMM transport as well as Sonos. Actually these days I'm using Sonos 99% of the time. Are you going to OB's on 10/25? If so, I'll fill you in at that time. You're also welcome to come over and listen to my system for yourself. I'll even show you some motion blur, er..., RS1, since I know that is one of your favorite video artifacts! -:)
It's hard for me to get out on a Saturday Night, but I'm going to try to make it on the 25th. I am also using Sonos. Currently, I am using it with an Apogee Mini-Dac, which sounds great. In the same istening room, I also have an Emm Labs DAC6e and SWM3, which I use for special occasion critical listening, but the Sonos/Apogee system sounds so good and is so convenient, like you, I find myself listening to it 99% of the time. I also have a Velodyne DD-15 that I bought for my theater, but I bought it used on Audiogon and it arrived broken and I was in a hurry to get good sound in the theater, so I went out and bought a JL F113 Fathom, which sounds fantastic. Velodyne took care of the DD-15 very quickly and for a reasonable price, so now I am thinking about using it in the listening room. The Sonos ZP-80 doesn't have a sub-woofer output. This all got me thinking that I could sell the Dac6e and SM3, replace it with a DCC2, and simplify my listening room system while taking it to another level and it might be easier to integrate the subwoofer with a Sonos/DCC2 system. What are your thoughts? I'd be glad to come over and listen to your system, that'd be fun and educational, I could get over the motion blur as long as it is in your theater and not mine. :-) Do you live near OB?
By Lake Merritt in Oakland.

I'm running XLRs from the DCC2 to a Revel B15 sub and then XLRs from the sub to my main amp.
I had that setup until a few months ago: PC source feeding a DCC2 SE, with my sub being fed from the DCC2. See my living room rig. The key for great sound was using an empirical audio USB-to-AES converter between the PC and DCC2, and having the right setup at the PC end. The sound of a song ripped and played from the PC was indistinguishable from a CD played from my CDSD transport.

I used a Y-connector from the single-ended L/R pre-outs of the DCC2 to a single cable to my sub. And I ran balanced L/R pre-outs to my amp.

If you're thinking about the DCC2, I highly recommend going this route. I haven't heard a better DAC. My only gripe was that it only goes up to 24/96 and I wanted to play higher rez source material. But I may end up going back to the DCC2 because I liked it and haven't seen much 24/192 source material yet.
Great info -- out of curiosity, where did you get the Y-connector? Do I understand you correctly to say that it is a balanced interconnect from DCC2 to your amp, but the Y splits off to a single ended interconnect for your subwoofer?
I read it again. I think I get it. Y connector with the Two RCA end going into the DCC2's L & R RCA outs and One RCA end going into the SUBWOOFER, so that the low frequencies from the DCC2's L & R would go to the powered Sub.

Then, XLR's from the DCC2's L & R to your amplifier's L & R channels.

Am I right?
RM -- I am in Marin County. Oakland is just across the Richmond San Rafael bridge. It'd be interesting to bring my Apogee Mini-Dac over and A/B it with the
DCC2. The Apogee has XLR outs.
That's right. The sub cable is a Nordost Bassline and the Y connector is a stock Nordost Bassline Y connector for this kind of application. For what it's worth, EMMLabs recommended this set up to feed a signal to the sub.