Cryogenic treatment of an LP?

Is this even possible? I am just thinking outloud here and wondering of the benefits and welcome your comments. I'm unsure if an lp could even survive the process normally targeted at metal components. (Warp factor 10 captain). Ultra freezing and then slowly re-heating a chunk of plastic. Still, one wonders exactly what impact molecular alignment would have (if any).

Through the employment of ultra-low temperatures, 300 Below, Inc. cryogenic processing helps improve all kinds of products by realigning the molecular structure of an object, optimally resulting in items which last significantly longer and perform far better than they were previously designed.
If an LP shatters during a cryo treatment, the process is not being done correctly. I treated 25 LPs years ago and they did not shatter as was mentioned above. However, I did not hear additional sonic benefits that were very apparent with my CD collection. It is priced by weight so it was more expensive than my CD's.

Call Cryogenics International in Scottsdale and discuss with the owner.
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I read in another thread that you're supposed to boil the vinyl before the cryo treatment.
Tubed1 - I hope your joking? Cryo treatment modifies internal micro structures of the material which is why it is used for cables and such where something is traveling inside the material. Please explain how a change in internal micro structure would make any difference for a record? If the external shape of the record it wouldn't have any better chance than melting it with heat for improving the sound.