Comments on this system......

I have been out of the hobby for a couple of months and after previously owning CJ,Thiel and Theta gear, I am going to get back into it.With that said, I am looking for comments or personal experiences on the system I am about to embark on.It consists of the following:

Mark Levinson 335 or 336
Mark Levinson 39
Thiel 2.3's

I am pretty bent on having the Thiel's in my system as I previously did and loved them. They were previously driven by CJ Premier 12 mono's.Was wondering what the power of the Levinson amps would do to these speakers. Any comments from people who have a similar setup would be appreciated.

Have a Great Holiday!!! And CONGRATS to Audiogon and its community on another great year!!!!
The Levinsons should work fine. As for me I prefer Pass and Krell and maybe Rowland. There are a lot of good options out there, at this price point you should really do some auditons. Good luck.
I am a previous Thiel owner and have auditioned them extensively with many different brands of electronics, including Levinson. I am personally not a fan of the Thiel/Levinson combination. To me it has always seemed very cool and sterile. All of the notes are there, but none of the emotion. If you liked the sound of the CJ 12s with the Thiels, I do not think you would like the sound of the Levinsons with the Thiels. The sounds are so very different that if you enjoy one, I do not believe you could be happy with the other. Before I disappear in a wall of flames, let me hasten to add that this is just my opinion based on my own experience. The Levinsons are obviously great products--just not my cup of tea, especially with Thiel speakers. I REALLY prefer tubes, but I agree that the Pass and Rowland amps would work well. If at all possible you really need to listen for yourself. Since I live in an audio wasteland, I know it can be hard--but there just is no substitute. Good luck and Happy Holidays.