Coincident Partial Eclipse vs Totem Forest

I am considering both of these speakers. I've heard the Forest and liked them very much. How would the Coincident compare?
You also need to compare efficiency, size, weight, placement. The coincidents are amazingly efficient with great imaging, and an unbelievable range. How many watts are you using/need? The only downfall of owning the coincidents is that they will reveal the weakest link in your system!
I have a pair of Forest speakers in my living room. They are staying there.........

The Coincident Partial Eclipse is recently upgraded to Mk. III, one of the few speakers at its price with a Scanspeak Revelator tweeter. I haven't heard the new model, but sure would like to. The Forest is getting a bit long in the tooth, I think. Only listening will provide the answer for you. Another possibiltiy is the Devore Fidelity Gibbon 8 ( at $2850. This is an up-and-coming company with excellent products. There's a new review on that gives this speaker the "product of the year" award. I took a trip just to hear it, and was much impressed. Good luck!
Thanks for the advice. I have a Theta cassanova preamp//proc. and Roland monos. (looking for 3 ch. amp) I have an offer for Silverline Sonatina 2's. I hear good things about them. Any experience with Silverlines?
I can't speak on the Totem, but the PE II are excellent. I think they are the best speaker in that price class, that I have heard. I also owned Silverline Sonatinas, they are nice speaker, but I like the PE II much better. The bass is fuller and the Revelator tweeter is to die for.
I am upgrading to Super E III, thats how much I liked the Coincident speakers.
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