Classe DR-5 Pre-Amp Users

Good morning all,

I am using my Classe with a Threshold S/300 power amp which is an awesome combination to my ears. I am now looking to purchase a good MC cartridge. None of the pre-amps resisters were changed in the MC circuit. It remains at the standard setting of 22dB. I want to know what cartridges you have found that work with this setting and pre-amp? Thank you so much.

Is there a reason why you can't change the gain resistors that are installed in the preamp now ? The purpose of adjustable gain is so that you can use virtually any cartridge of your choice, versus being restricted to specific cartridges that will work best at one gain setting. If you're missing replacement resistors, you can always buy some Roederstein or Vishay in the values recommended in the owner's manual from DigiKey or Mouser.
I'm using the latest Benz Micro Glider M2 MC phono cartridge with 0.8mV output, and it's just about right for my stock Classe Five preamp. At about 12 o'clock on the volume knob, the cartridge is as loud as the CD player at a little over 9 o'clock - which is pretty loud. You should be fine with a medium output cartridge around 1.0mV. If I wasn't so squeamish about soldering, I might bump up the Gain to 24 dB, for a total gain of 59 dB (plus the 35 dB already in the path for MM Gain) with the Glider.
Actually, these resistors are soldered in place and I am very hesitant to tackle this job. I have not held a soldering gun in many years and this appears to be a very critical situation that can be easily messed up. What I was thinking is that a high output (2mv or higher) cartridge would do very nicely.

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