Chaman Speaker Owners, What Components...

For those owning Chapman Sound speakers, what components and cables are you running?

I happened across a lovely pair of T-7's and am toying with what components to use with them. I'm using PS Audio PCA-2 preamp and have a HCA-2 amp on the way. I am very open to other suggestions for electronics.

I'm curious to see what level of power people are using with the Chapman speakers. Also, if they are using tube preamps or SS.

I especially am interested in the cables that are being used with these speakers, or any in the Chapman line. I would like to know about both interconnects and speaker cables and if you are only using one brand or a combination.

I have been using Harmonic Technology cables and am quite taken with them. They sound great with the Chapmans, but I'm curious to know what you're using and your impressions of them. I realize that this is not an exacting inquiry since the electronics play such a huge part overall. But, if you could explain what the differences were in moving to your now favorite cable with the Chapmans, I'd appreciate it.

If you have ever compared your favorite to the Harmonic Technology cables, that would be the ultimate insight for me.
First Doug - you need to change the subject, but I figured you meant Chapman speakers. I absolutely love my T7's and I am now using a 125wpc tube Music Reference RM9II to drive them. I love the tube sound and so do the Chapmans. It's much better than the solid state I was using. It is a marvelous amp for the money - around $1500 used. There is plenty of power and the T7's really rock. I listen to mostly Progressive Rock and the Chapmans are great at pumping out the complex passages. I've moved to Purist Audio Colossus Rev A & B for my cables. They are incredibly clean and quiet, and very detailed.

I did audition a pair of HT speaker cables (the 9's bi-wired) and they were very forward in their staging and quite detailed, but I think they may have been tiresome in the long run. I can't confirm this as I didn't have them for very long. The PAD's I have now are absolutely wonderful, expecially since I got them used and it was a real bargain.