Ceiling Height

In terms of sonic importance, how vital is room ceiling height? My listening room is a converted basement, and the ceilings are only 7'. Is this normally a disadvantage? If so, what is optimal? Does extra ceiling height confer any sonic advantage? Sorry for the silly question, but this is an area of room setup that I don't understand very well. TIA.
It isn't so much an issue of ceiling height as it is room proportions. What is the width and depth of the room?
Nrchy is exactly correct. The ceiling height in my new listening room is only 7.5 feet, but the room has turned out to be quite good overall.
Rushton, I'll be building a listening room some time in the next year or so and will be restricted to approximately the same ceiling height as you. What are your over all dimensions if you don't mind my asking?

Nrchy: The overall dimensions are approximately 25 x 20 x 7. With a little treatment (bass traps, Echo Buster panels, etc.), the room actually sounds pretty well balanced--there don't seem to be any glaringly obvious problems--but I'm not sure if the dimensions fit the "golden ratio," or whatever they call it.
Try checking out rives.com. They have plenty of info that will quickly help you up the learning curve on this topic.
Cheers, Spencer