CD Treatments :-

There are many of us who have attempted to glean the most detailed and analog sound from our discs. We have the cleaning solutions and formulations, lathe, Nespa, demagnetizer, ionic generator, intelligent chip and/or intelligent box, turquoise code tray liner....Are there some favorite combinations of any or all of these methods? I have a lathe, demagnetizer, intelligent chip, liquid rez, turquoise tray liner and an ion generator on its way...LOL...What else is one to do while presently resisting an upgraded cdp :-)
You seem to have most of the bases covered. :) I've owned, or still own, most of the items on your list. Some have worked quite well, some haven't. Surprisingly, I didn't have much luck with the ADS lathe, but my Jena/Liquid Rez CD treatments, Nespa, Walker Talisman, and Acoustic Revive ion generator all work extremely well, building on one another's strengths. If all of your tweaks work for you, then by all means keep doing all of them. I haven't found any magical "combos." If a tweak works, and if it doesn't negatively impact another, I use it. Doing all this tweaking can be a real time-consumer, but there's no doubt in my mind that it can totally transform one's music.
Hooper: I have owned my lathe for ~ 2 years and, after receiving a model out of a batch of faulty lathes, I lost the nerve and its replacement has sat idle. The two discs that I successfully cut sounded very relaxed and analog like. I don't think a well functioning lathe will do possible long term damage, but the time involved, together with any uncertainty, has put it on a back burner. You are not the first person to hear little benefit. I will look into the Talisman. I had forgotten to mention Marigo mats, the Herbies assortment...(need to try the black hole) Do you have a preference between Jena and Liquid Rez? I know of a few ppl who do not like the Rez, Nespa, Lathe combo. They prefer the Rez with either one alone. I guess it is time to duplicate and test for myself. Glad to hear you like the ion generator. It calms my buyer's remorse...LOL

I actually had similar problems with my lathe, which, along with the relative lack of benefit, is why I stopped using it. The first one I had started leaving light scratches at the perpiphery of all mys discs. I tried EVERYTHING (tightening/loosening the bolt, chaging belts and blades, varying the pressure with which I applied the blade), all to no avail. I then concluded that it must be my unit, so I swapped it out for a brand-new one. Same problem. That was when I stopped using it. And I haven't looked back. I'm getting most of the same benefits from treating the edges with my Jena or Liquid Rez and then doing the black-marker thing.

The Talisman is a no-brainer, IMO. It's considerably better than my old Furutech RD-2--and a lot easier to use--and what it does to the bass really has to be heard.

For $5, the Black Hole is another easy choice. To my amazement, it actually bested my $199 Marigo mat. But, like most tweaks, these CD mats are so system dependent, one person's success with them doesn't guarantee another's.

I SLIGHTLY prefer the Jena to the Liquid Rez--it brings out a little more texture and dimensionality in voices and instruments--but there are some SACDs (the pale-gold-tinted ones, not MFSLs) that the Jena causes severe splotching on. Those are the ones I use the Rez with. Honestly, at this level, it comes down to personal preference. You can't lose either way. Both are absolutely SOTA.

Believe me, I also had SERIOUS buyer's remorse when I first ordered the ion generator! But I got it on the condition that I could return it if I didn't like it. Suffice it to say, it's not going back. :)

My lathe was bought April of two years ago from The Cable Company. They informed me of the one faulty batch. It caused similar scratches and fracture lines extending in from the periphery. They insisted that I exchange it and to not try another disc. I got around to returning it over a year later and they sent me one around CES time. It is still in the box...LOL....The Cable Company is great. They back their merchandise.
I will buy the Talisman and add it to my Furutech RD2 and Ion Generator as my easiest to use and more effective tweaks. I might get around to obtaining the Intelligent box if I continue to have fun :-)
Try the Codename tray liner. This has to be heard to be believed!! I know that nothing surpasses this.
I may as well get feedback on how to best duplicate my cd's. The Reality Check issue put me in a circling pattern. Is there currently a consensus favorite machine to acquire? This is a must if I am to compare cd treatments. My hope is that the effect is cumulative and strongly favorable so that I can put off moving beyond my APL. I would follow the Esoteric path if it were not for the fact that I would be forced to buy a preamp and all the wires. Wouldn't it be nice to delay long enough so the Memory Player and followers advance beyond our cdp's :-) Many claim the time is now. I want the dust to settle.

Yes, the Cable Company is an excellent outfit. I've used them a lot. That's whom I bought my lathes from.

Funny you mention Codename Turquoise. I finally ordered it this morning. I've been wanting to try it, but the fact that it attaches via contact cement scared the hell out of me. But Geoff assures me that the cement can be taken off quite easily. I'm gonna try it on my modified Oppo. If it works well there, I'll try it on my Esoteric X-01. Now THAT'S gonna require a brave hand! :)

I had the Reality Check, and it worked pretty well, but I've since discovered a better arrangement. Try the HHB 830+ Burn-It CD burner. Link that with the best transport and digital cable you can find for sane money, and you should be amazed. The difference wasn't subtle for me.

BTW, I've heard the Memory player. It's quite good, but I'm not sure if it's the best digital playback on the market. Time will tell, I guess.

Since the duplication process is new to me, I would not know where to begin picking a transport for this procedure. It might be more efficient to chat since you are way ahead of me on this subject!!
Thanx :-) You are officially contributing to my audiophilia madness...LOL

No fear with attaching the Codename to the drawer. My wife made it a project and covered the entire tray surface(probably not necessary) and temporarily used tape. The result is frightening :-)
Hooper/Pmrodier and others,
Have you tried the audio desk disc cleaner from germany? I saw the contraption working and it was a great piece of machinery. Gave out a super looking shiny surface. No idea of what it did to the sound though. Suggestions were a better mid and bass response.
here's a link to it

Thanks for the link, Neville. I've never heard the Audio Desk cleaner, but it looks interesting. Personally, I use Shine Ola cleaner before treating my discs, and that seems to work well. I'm sure the ADS piece works great, but the last thing I need is to add another few minutes onto the tweaking ritual. It's already out of hand! :)